The Balanced Self-Purification

Participants will go through an intensive course to prepare themselves — mentally and physically – to discipline and purify the mind, heart,and body. The course will help committed participants achieve a balance Islamic life and increase their Iman (faith).

Friday 6th December 2013 | 7.30pm – After ‘Isha Prayers

Men – East London Mosque (Maryam Centre Main Hall)
Women – Maryam Centre, 2nd Floor

Shaykh Fadel Soliman

Shaykh Fadel Soliman is director of Bridges Foundation (Egypt). He is a Muslim Scholars. Although an engineer by qualification, Shaykh Soliman studied Shari’a in Egypt and Qur’anic Studies. A film-maker, international speaker and presenter of Islam, he has trained over 7000 Muslim youths in 16 countries. A former Imam of the American University in Washington DC, he was appointed National Chaplain of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth in North and Central Americas (WAMY).

Jibreel Institute jointly with Meadows of Paradise and Bridges Foundation