Takáful (Insurance) and Contract

Takáful (Insurance) and Contract
Part of the 8-Month Certified Islamic Finance Programme

About the Course:

Risk mitigation is becoming part and parcel of our daily life, and we tend to resort to insurance policies to cover such risks. However, due to the prohibited elements in insurance contracts Takaful has emerged as a viable Islamic alternative.

This one-day course will enlighten participants about the operation of Takaful models and offer a framework for risk mitigation. Fiqhi and legal issues will be explored within the UK context.

Date, Time & Venue:
Saturday 13th May 2017
10.30am – 5.30pm
London Muslim Centre
Seminar Room (4th Floor)

£65.00 includes hand-outs and certification for course completion.

Course Instructor:

Shaykh Faizal Manjoo is an attorney at law, an academic and also a Shari’a scholar from South Africa, and a member of the Shari’a Supervisory Board of a number of Islamic Financial Institutions in South Africa, Bahrain, France and Mauritius. Presently based at the Markfield Institute for Higher Education (Leicester), he lectures in many universities as a guest lecturer and is a consultant in the field of Islamic Finance, family law and commercial law. He has authored a number of seminal works on Islamic Finance and is regular presenter at international conferences.

Guest Instructor:

Shaykh Ibrahim
A graduate Shari’a scholar from Jam’iya Uloom al-Qur’an (UK), Peerbhai has a Masters in Islamic Banking and Management, with specialisation on corporate insolvency. His specialism extends to Islamic commercial law and Islamic finance. A lecturer in Islamic law, he has first-hand experience of takaful products and documentations through his exposures as a Shari’a board member for an European takaful company. He is co-authoring a series of articles on modern issues regarding Islamic law of inheritance.



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