Islamic Finance, 8-Month Certified Programme

This unique intensive programme will delve into the structure, aims,
principles and benefits of Islamic Finance. Taught over 8 months
(consisting of weekend and full-day sessions), this programme is a first
of its kind in terms of the spectrum of subjects covered. It will enable
participants to appreciate the richness of the Islamic Jurisprudence
used in engineering Islamic financial products that meets the
appropriate level of Shari’a compliance. The series of courses will give
participants the opportunity to engage with burning questions and
facets of Islamic Finance coupled with modern day financial concepts.


Modules, Dates, Time and Venue

The courses will cover Islamic retail banking; takaful (Islamic Insurance);
Islamic financial markets; wealth management and inheritance (mirath);
Islamic juristic tools used by Shari’a scholars in developing products;
Islamic pensions and the financial impact of issuing talaq (divorce).

Date Module
22-23 Oct 2016 Islamic Wealth and Investment Management
26-27 Nov 2016 Islamic Law of Inheritance
21 Jan 2017 Longevity Risk and Pensions:
Crucial Challenges for British Muslims
4 Feb 2017 An Overview of Juristic Tools for
Islamic Commercial Law
25 Mar 2017 Taláq (Divorce): Contemporary Discourses and its
Financial Implications
22 Apr 2017 Sukūk: Framework and Structures
13 May 2017 Takáful (Insurance/Guarantee) and Contract
14 May 2017 Islamic Retail Banking: Critical Analysis


10:30am – 5:30pm
London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX


Who are these courses for?

The courses are designed for:
• Students and researchers
• Imams and teachers
• Anyone wishing to begin a career in Islamic Finance
• People who are already working in Islamic Finance, but need to
enhance their knowledge and gain a qualification
• Companies who wish to develop their staff in the principles of
Islamic Finance to increase staff performance


What will you gain?

• A deeper understanding of Shari’a and the requirements and
regulations forming the basis of Islamic Finance
• Understanding of the Arabic/Islamic terminology used in Islamic
• Better awareness and contextualisation of the current and
historical debates concerning Islamic Finance

Course instructor

Shaykh Faizal Manjoo is an attorney at law, an
academic and also a Shari’a scholar from South
Africa, and a member of the Shari’a Supervisory
Board of a number of Islamic Financial Institutions
in South Africa, Bahrain, France and Mauritius.
Presently based at the Markfield Institute for
Higher Education (Leicester), he lectures in many
universities as a guest lecturer and is a consultant
in the field of Islamic Finance, family law and
commercial law. He has authored a number of
seminal works on Islamic Finance and is regular
presenter at international conferences.



Early-bird rate of £495* (ends 15 October) for all 10 full-day courses
thereafter full price (£550); or £65.00 per full-day course.

We advise participants to enrol for all 10 full days at the discounted rate, which will give
a better grounding on the subject as well as certification for the completion of the full

Fee includes:
• Comprehensive hand-outs
• Interactive sessions with the course instructor
• Certificates for those successfully completing the full 10-day programme

*Similar structured courses cost in excess of £2,000


Registration | 020 7650 3039



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