Uniquely Designed to Immerse the Learner in Quranic Arabic From the Outset
Starting Week Beginning Mon 27th Jan 2020!

The Safeerul Qur’an programme modules have been developed using the most effective learning theories and methods. This model enables learners to understand the Quran easily and in a systematic way. It uses the most frequent words in the Qur’an and their usages from the Qur’an and daily life contexts. After successfully finishing the 3 modules, learners will be able to understand at least 99% of the vocabularies on any given page of the Qur’an.

Module 1 focuses primarily on learning over 135 of the most frequent Qur’anic words, representing 63% of the entire Qur’anic vocabulary.

This module also covers the basic rules of Nahu and Sarf using many examples from Qur’anic verses.

Numerous live conversations are also generated using these Quranic words. This module aids the students understanding of 50%-60% of Qur’anic verses without translation. The final two lessons of this module covers the study of the last 10 Surahs of the Holy Qur’an.

This level lays the foundations of Qur’anic Arabic on very solid grounds.

Lessons Per Module: 15
Days/Times: Thursdays 7pm-9.30pm (includes prayer break)
Programme Prerequisites: Knowledge of the Arabic alphabet
Duration: Thu 30 Jan – Thu 9 Jul 2020 (term time only, includes Ramadan break)
Fee: £179 (includes handouts, tests and certification)

Module 2 builds on additional new words from Module 1 with deeper grammatical understanding and applications, including more exercises on speaking standard Arabic.

In this level, learners will study short Surahs from Juz 30 without translation, InshaAllah.

Additional examples from Hadith literature will also be covered to ensure learners direct access to the sayings of our beloved Prophet (SAW).

This level includes much more stimulating practice and exercises, which will cater for different learning ability groups.

Lessons Per Module: 15
Days/Times: Mondays 7pm-10.00pm (includes prayer break)
Programme Prerequisites: Module 1 or equivalent
Duration: Mon 27 Jan – Mon 29 Jun 2020 (term time only, includes Ramadan & Bank Holiday breaks)
Fee: £199 (includes handouts, tests and certification)

Dr Abul Kalam Azad is a Madinah Islamic University Graduate and a direct student of Dr V Abdur Rahim (author of the famous Madinah Arabic Books series). He attended regular lessons of renowned Shuyukh at Masjid Nabawi and Madina City: Shaikh Atiyyah Mohammed Salem, Shaikh Umar Follata, Shaikh Abu Bakr Al-Jazairi, Shaikh Muhammad Mukhtar al-Shanqeeti, Shaikh Abdullah Ghunayman. He completed his Masters in Teaching Arabic from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).
Dr Azad obtained his PhD in Education in 2005 from Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) and PGCE in Arabic from Goldsmiths.

“Effective and fastest way of learning Arabic for understanding Quran”
Arshad C.A

Programme endorsed by prominent scholars from the Islamic Universities of Madinah, Azhar & Jordan

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