Divorce and Talaq: Do You Gain or Lose Money?

Divorce and Talaq: Do You Gain or Lose Money?  

The Divorce rate is increasing exponentially in the Muslim community, especially with the issuance of triple talāq (repudiation) in one sitting. Are there solutions for this?

In this special one-day course, we will explore a multifaceted approach offering solutions for this cancerous malaise. We will study the financial implications and the impact of issuing triple talāq, which is often ignored or underestimated.

What the course will cover:

–       A better understanding of talāq, especially in some jurisdictions where three talāq are not accepted by the courts.

–       Reviewing new legal and fiqhi discourses.

–       The financial obligations under the law of the land when Muslim couples entering a civil contract end up in divorce.

–       A better grasp of matrimonial regimes under English law in the light of Islamic law, and the consequences that flow from such regimes e.g. tax implications on spouses’ pensions pot; maintenance of children; and legal costs.

–       Solutions to mitigate financial effects/impact of talāq and divorce.

Who this course is for:

–  Anyone interested in the subject

–  Lawyers, accountants, family mediation experts, and social workers

–  Imams and teachers

Date, Time & Venue:

Saturday 25 March 2017


London Muslim Centre

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